Seven Android Apps You Should Install on Chromebook


Here are some of the apps that you should install on your Chromebook machine.


Although you can install or emulate Skype on the Chromebook device using the ARChon method, it is a bit complicated process and not an ideal option for the regular users.

With a Skype Android app installed on your equipment, you can finally sigh a breath of relief.


Snapchat is an interesting image and video sharing app, with nearly 100 million daily users. Having the application installed on your Chromebook unit, you can keep track of your friends and share something back.

Smule Sing:

Smule Sing is a mobile karaoke app that allows you to sing your favorite songs with audio effects. The application has more than 50 mil global audiences and deserves a place in the list of Google android apps you should install in your Chrome appliance.

LinkedIn Pulse:

Pulse is another amazing software that lets you get the daily news published by your professional world at a single place. The app has 230 thousand English-speaking customers, and both readers as well as authors are its beneficiaries. Around 50, 000 articles are posted on Pulse each week.

Kindle App:

Kindle iphone app is a great software package for every reader. You do not need to own a Kindle device to get more than a , 000, 000 books at your fingertips. Simply set up this request and choose the books you want to read from the Kindle Store.

Serval Mesh:

Serval Nylon uppers is a free app that creates a communication network between nearby devices, even in the times of a disaster when cellular networks fail. This practical application allows the users to make private calls, text messages and share pictures, videos or any other files.


Periscope is definitely an innovative instance that lets you broadcast live movie to the globe. Your followers will be instantly notified about when you'll go live, and they can comment on your transmit and send you hearts to show the love for it. You can also discuss your Periscope broadcasts on Twitter. Go to my blog for more details.